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If you have anything to do with water, you need Eco Detection.
Freshwater is a finite resource that requires careful management. 
Until now, no solution existed for ef­fective, real-time monitoring of dissolved inorganic nitrogen, the key parameter of interest by Governments around the globe.

Government & regulators

Local communities are asking regulators and commercial interests to monitor their activities and support their decisions with trusted sources of data. Our technology provides constant, accurate freshwater monitoring to meet objectives and resource limits at a catchment scale.

Universities & research institutes

Eco Detection is currently working with leading universities, research institutes and environmental and scientific advisory boards in Australia to overhaul monitoring programmes and their approach to data modeling.

Wastewater treatment & management

Our monitors can ensure that treated water is meeting required standards for release into the environment.

Farming & agriculture

Our technology is ideal for fresh water river and lake systems located near farms and areas of intense agriculture. The data captured can assist with compliance, fertiliser management and environmentally conscious agriculture.

We’re passionate about using our ubiquitous real-time water monitoring service to help organizations better monitor, measure and manage freshwater quality, thus improving freshwater environments around the globe.



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