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Waikato River Pilot Programme

Commenced  1st November 2019

Pilot Programmes

Eco Detection has been successfully used in studies and pilot programmes around Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Rivers Institute, Queensland

Eco Detection is working with The Australian Rivers Institute at Griffith Unversity, as well as the University of Tasmania, sugar cane producers and cane fertiliser companies to assist with the management and remediation of the Great Barrier Reef catchment area.

Acacia Bay, Taupo,

New Zealand

In 2018, Eco Detection undertook a water quality monitoring trial in conjunction with The Taupo District Council at their waste water treatment plant in Acacia Bay. Trial outcomes were positive and provided clear, concise and accurate results in a waste water environment.

Wairakei Pastoral, Lake Taupo, New Zealand

A field trial was undertaken at Wairakei Pastoral, an extensive dairy, sheep, beef and crop farming operation near Lake Taupo. Conducted at the Wairakei water testing station, our sensors showed immense fluctuations in the nitrogen cycle, demonstrating the value of real-time, in situ sensors.

University of Tasmania,


A performance evaluation was conducted of Eco Detection’s water testing prototype in August 2018, measuring peak areas against the concentration of target ions. The trial was successful, with our sensors able to measure changes in parts per billion – a massive improvement in accuracy when compared with previous data.



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